September 2018 : Our Wines Rewarded !

Stars full of wine

Every year, the Hachette Guide bonus the vintages of wineries from all over France.

This year, we were graciously rewarded for our 2017 vintages, two whites received an award, as well as our rosé !

The notes of the latter are counted in the number of stars awarded and the crush (* very successful wine, ** remarkable wine, *** exceptional wine).


The wines having obtained a star :

Cassis Bodin Guide Hachette

Our Prestige Prestige Notre Dame Lumières vintage was selected as a very successful wine.

This vintage is gourmet and elegant with an intense bouquet of ripe mango and roasted apricot.

The Rose has also received a star AND has been designated favorite Hachette Guide !

A fruity rosé, combining freshness, finesse and volume, a very balanced vintage.

The wine having obtained two stars :

The Emile Bodin vintage, which best expresses the typicality of Cassidan soils, has been rewarded by TWO stars !!!

Considered as a remarkable wine, it offers rich floral and fruity notes, a great liveliness in the mouth, supported by the characteristic minerality of Cassis wines.

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